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(More of these will be added as time goes on, so stay tuned)

If you didn't catch it all at first, move your mouse cursor over the different elements above and watch the changes. In the rollover pages, you can view some of the original paintings with unusual effects (ranging from subtle to extreme) applied to them that change their appearance as you roll your cursor over them. Try it!

You can always return to this directory page from any image, simply by clicking on the Transformations Directory at the bottom of each page.
(Please note that the "altered images" here are also copyrighted. Any reproduction of these without permission is still a violation of copyright law.)

In the animation pages, you can watch short animated effects. You'll need the Macromedia Flash plug-in to view them if you haven't already guessed that. (It's a free download you can get from their site.) If you'd like to see the animations over again, simply hit the refresh/reload button on your browser toolbar. These have all been engineered to run quickly and smoothly on most computers and modems, but the performance depends on numerous other factors as well. If they seem to seriously bog down, try reloading. Once downloaded, hit the refresh/reload button again. Once they're cached, they will run faster and smoother. Included in this section are samplers of various images available in the main gallery section, seen here as moving versions involving "recombinant overlays." If you've already seen the others, check out the newest one.

scrolling "visual poems":
These are an introduction to some of the ideas that illuminate my art, or vice versa–art that illuminates my writing. I'm toying with the idea of opening up a whole new section just for words, in normal black and white type (easily readable online) of the poems, writings, essays, and/or general rants and blatherings. Send me e-mail if you'd like to see more of the poetry/literary material added to this site.The few samples represented here (so far) are literally animations, and as such, there are some "multimedia" advantages, but probably more limitations than if they were just presented as static text. But again, stay tuned; the technology is evolving at an astonishing rate, and the real broadband horizon is quickly approaching. Which leads me to:

What's next?

I also work with and experiment with sound and video, and want to eventually incorporate them into the package here. The capabilities are available of course, but I've resisted putting them into this site for fear of alienating those less technologically endowed. (Read: slower modems and processors, not to mention the vagaries of ISPs and the Internet itself. At the moment I feel that no one should be too elitist.) This too may change. . . Who knows? We'll see how this works first. Let me know. Send me feedback. Enjoy.

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