In the blink of an eye,
anything can change.

What's important to realize
is that a split-second of change
can reverberate forever.

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The Karmascape organization was established to promote awareness of the relationship between cause and effect, both in its "microcosmic" application to our personal lives, and in its macrocosmic implications, rippling outward as it affects society, the entire planet, and future time frames. Through recognizing the significance of personal responsibility in thought and action, we can inspire positive change in the world, from the inside out.

We carry no advertising, and are not selling anything but ideas, which are free. In this site, through poems, essays, visual imagery, animation and other media, we hope to present an oasis of expansive possibilities, other realities, and unusual, provocative points of view —and to leave you with something more to think about than passwords and abandoned shopping carts.

• Essay:
The Metaphysical Implications of the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election

• Poetry:
Imagery from the Edge

• Photographs:
Journey into the Lens of Perception

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